ComicScene Annual – featuring Captain Cosmic

It’s our daily guide to characters appearing in the ComicScene Annual. The Kickstarter is here.

Captain Cosmic by Andy W Clift

CHAOS has come to the Galactic Commonwealth world of Soong Seven where, out of nowhere, a giant monster appears and begins to lay waste to their capital city! The Galactic Guardians known as Captain Cosmic and Kid Cosmic spring into action, but it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems. Will the Comic’s be able to figure out the mystery of the monster in time? Or will they get pummelled into cosmic paste! Find out by reading this brand-new original tale.

You may be familiar with Captain Cosmic from his own comics the or two stories that have appeared in ComicScene Magazine. The ComicScene Summer Special featuring Captain Cosmics complete first adventure is part of the ComicScene Annual Christmas Pack Reward. Captain Cosmic and Kid Cosmic will also feature on the cover of the Annual by Charlie Gillespie.

Further reading: Get back issues of Captain Cosmic at:

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