ComicScene Annual – featuring Alex Automatic

It’s our daily guide to characters appearing in the ComicScene Annual. The Kickstarter is here.

First up is a brand new never appeared anywhere before ALEX AUTOMATIC picture strip by Writer Fraser Campbell, Artist James Corcoran and Letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Driven mad by illegal Government experiments, secret agent Alex Anderson finds himself prone to sudden delusionary episodes where he believes himself to be the robot super-spy hero of 70s TV show, Alex Automatic. The annual features a complete eight page story featuring Alex and a limited Alex Automatic Pack is available as a reward.

Alex also features in an alternative cover by David Broughton, inspired by the 1983 2000AD Annual, which will be offered as a stretch goal for those who have claimed a £45 reward and over.

Further reading: Copies of all issues of Alex Automatic are available at:

More details on the Annual here.

Don’t forget with our ComicScene Annual Christmas Pack you get the Annual in print and digital, all 20 issues of ComicScene in digital, 5 issues of ComicScene, the ComicScene Specials, cover prints and a ComicScene Mug. The Kickstarter is here.

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