Ramsey’s Raiders back at Commando

Brand new Commando issues 5363-5366 are out soon and Ramsey’s Raiders are back!

5363: Home of Heroes: Daggers Drawn

From writer and ex-serviceman Russell Sheath comes a modern-era Commando with classic themes. ‘Daggers Drawn’ follows a group of Royal Marine Commandos on a routine training exercise in the Scottish Highlands that goes horribly wrong when they interrupt an illegal arms-deal. Now, unarmed and stranded in an unforgiving terrain, two rookies must do what they can to make it out alive and stop the deal!

| Story | Russell Sheath | Art | Khato | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5364: Gold Collection: Born Brave

In Captain Eric Hebden’s classic Commando from the 1960s, British dispatch rider Sergeant George Ward was roaring back to his base in France after a routine delivery job when the road swung into a dark forest — and what happened when George raced into that wood was to give him nightmares for months to come!

| Story | Eric Hebden | Art | Frollo | Cover | Ken Barr |

Originally Commando No. 161 (1965).

5365: Action and Adventure: Ramsey’s Raiders: The Rats’ Nest

Ramsey’s Raiders return yet again – this time for a less than above board mission in a SS infested village in France. The elite Special Raiding Force are out to rescue the trapped SOE agent, who also happens to be a relative of their commanding officer  — and to make matters worse, their secret rescue mission is hot off the back of D-Day and the Allies are ready to blast the Jerries out!

| Story | Ferg Handley | Art | Carlos Pino | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

5366: Silver Collection: The Secret Heroes

Family loyalties are often stronger than any other ties in Commando. That’s why in ‘The Secret Heroes’ Olaf Milang couldn’t believe what he was told by the Resistance when he returned home to his native Norway on a secret mission. Was his own brother really acting the traitor and wearing the uniform of the Nazi-controlled police?! Find out is this fantastic silver-era reprint!

| Story |Bill Fear | Art |Ruiz | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 1569 (1981).

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