Join the ComicScene Annual kickstarter pre-launch – full content details

The ComicScene Annual Kickstarter begins 27th August and will be available in November – sign up for the prelaunch on kickstarter here

In the 96 page hardback annual you will find the following content behind a Charlie Gillespie cover. More details on all the stories to follow over the week leading to the kickstarter.

ALEX AUTOMATIC by Writer Fraser Campbell, Artist James Corcoran and Letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Driven mad by illegal Government experiments, secret agent Alex Anderson finds himself prone to sudden delusionary episodes where he believes himself to be the robot super-spy hero of 70s TV show, Alex Automatic.

Further reading: Copies of all issues available at:

Geek Girl, Captain Commando, NPC Tea, Moon, Shaman Kane, Project Hoax, Girl-Knight


A British pilot is shot down over France and he has only one shot at making it home in this farcical World War Two romp that pays homage to the classic British war comics.

Further reading:

Captain Cosmic by Andy W Clift

CHAOS has come to the Galactic Commonwealth world of Soong Seven where, out of nowhere, a giant monster appears and begins to lay waste to their capital city! The Galactic Guardians known as Captain Cosmic and Kid Cosmic spring into action, but it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems. Will the Comic’s be able to figure out the mystery of the monster in time? Or will they get pummelled into cosmic paste! Find out by reading this brand-new original tale:

Further reading: Get back issues of Captain Cosmic at:

Captain Wonder by John Farrelly

Deja Who by Jim Wilkins

Dick Turpin by Writer Steve Tanner and Artist Roland Bird

Fathers Day by Writer Michael Powell and Artist Phil Elliot

Geek Girl by writer Sam Johnson, artist Carlos Granda, Colourist Chunlin Zhao, Letterer Paul McLaren

In The Fashion Trap store, a super-hot Valley Girl girl is walking around, picking up expensive clothing while flirting with a boy and getting him in trouble with his girlfriend; teasing another guy who she’s way out of the league of; and trashing girls’ self-esteem with cutting comments. All while intending to walk out with the clothes without paying, using her cellphone to fire blinding rainbow light into the eyes of anyone who tries to stop her …Until it’s Geek-Girl versus Mean Girl…

Girl-Knight by JGV

Gone Viral based on story by Corbin Webb

This futuristic story of twins and technology was a competition winner from nine year old Corbin Webb from Weston super Mare. Writer Alan Holloway and artist Ed Doyle volunteered to turn it into a comic strip, and all three are suitably chuffed with the results

Harker by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks

Project Hoax – Midnight Monster Hunter by Writer Samuel George London and Artist Dan Butcher

In 2019 Samuel George London and Dan Butcher brought us the awesome all-ages horror comic set in the 90s, Project Hoax. Now, in 2020 they’ll expand on the story by giving us more insight into one of the main characters, Sarah Summers. Prior to the original story, Project Hoax: Midnight Monster Hunter tells the story of how Sarah became the midnight monster hunter!

Mahoneys by Richard Carrington and Brian Dawson

Mandy the Monster Hunter by Matt Warner and Mark Adams

Moon No Panel No Gain. Created by Dan Thompson Writer: Steve Penfold Artist: Steve Penfold Colourist: Chris Zeroes

This is the story of Moon – the Moon – who drops out of the sky early morning every day for the last 2000 years and now brushes himself off, puts on a suit, takes out a gun and fights ridiculous crime. Ever since a botched, drunken Celtic ceremony in 12ad. He was supposed to be a beautiful, blue, moon goddess who can force entire armies in to the ocean with a single gesture but they messed it up and we ended up with a skinny guy with a Moon for a head. He’s got no mouth with which to speak and no face with which to emote, but he can drink a coke float, though nobody really knows how. He’s a surprisingly good shot and is teamed up with a homicidal traffic warden named Shades Rodriguez who says he’s from Chicago when secretly we suspect he’s from Sheffield.  8 years after the events of Moon Volume I, a standard day at the Agency is shattered suddenly as the result of a strange energy surge in West London. They only have a little time to get to the source… will they meet their deadline?!

Neil-Lithic and Tim by Writer Alan Holloway and Artist Ed Doyle

The all ages misadventures of caveman Neil Lithic and his pet sabre toothed tiger Tim.

NPCTea The Interview by Sarah Millman

Struggling to find work, a young orc stumbles upon a mysterious tea shop that will change her life forever.

Shaman Kane by David Broughton

Trip of a Lifetime By writer Peter Gouldson and Artist Luke Haynes

All aboard for the Trip Of A Lifetime. Calling at Birth, Love and Death. First Class accommodation Is found to the rear of the train. Please have your tickets ready for inspection.

WESTERNoir by Gary Crutchley and Dave West

Whackoman by Marc Jackson

Endpiece by Rachael Smith


Captain Cosmic, Dick Turpin, Alex Automatic, Mahoneys, WESTERNoir, Harker, Neil Lithic and Tim, Mandy the Moster Hunter

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