Corker! is back plus new characters and stories in ComicScene Annual

Corker! the all ages comic featured in the las three issues of ComicScene is back in our special tribute to the humour annuals as part of the ComicScene Hardback Annual 2021. Here’s a sketch of the cover by John Farrelly. It features his character Captain Wonder, ComicScene regulars Deja Who by Jim Wilkins and Whackoman! by Marc Jackson, a comic strip based on a short story competition winner Corbin Webb and new characters from Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle called Neil Lithic and Tim.

They aren’t the only new characters to the Annual. Direct from the US illustrator JGV presents the premiere of Girl-Knight. Some exclusive artwork from the Annual is here.

We also have new one off stories for the Annual. The first is from Michael Powell and Phil Elliot (creators of the Dummy for ComicScene and their recent Kickstarter Circus De Niro. Don’t miss the spooky for Christmas ‘Father’s Day’. Plus Peter Gouldson and Luke Haynes ask you to come on board for the ‘Trip of a Lifetime’.

You can get on board to the kickstarter here. It promises to be quite a ride!

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