ComicScene Annual – featuring Geek Girl

It’s our daily guide to characters appearing in the ComicScene Annual. The Kickstarter is here.

Ahead of her own new kickstarter (which starts 9th September) we have Geek Girl by writer Sam Johnson, artist Carlos Granda, Colourist Chunlin Zhao, Letterer Paul McLaren

In The Fashion Trap store, a super-hot Valley Girl girl is walking around, picking up expensive clothing while flirting with a boy and getting him in trouble with his girlfriend; teasing another guy who she’s way out of the league of; and trashing girls’ self-esteem with cutting comments. All while intending to walk out with the clothes without paying, using her cellphone to fire blinding rainbow light into the eyes of anyone who tries to stop her …Until it’s Geek-Girl versus Mean Girl…

More details on the Annual here.

And don’t miss the other characters appearing in the Annual already featured on our daily updates including Girl-Knight, Neil Lithic and Tim, Whackoman, the three Captains – Captain Wonder, Captain Cosmic, Captain Commando and Alex Automatic and much, much more!

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