Regened Cover Reveal

Here is the Neil Google (art) and Gary Caldwell (colours) cover of the next 2000AD Regened Special for all ages. It is out 26th May.

Stories include Cadet Dredd: Lawbreaker by Liam Johnson, Jake Lynch, Jim Boswell, and Annie Parkhouse
Future Shocks: Space Expectations by Colin Harvey, Tom Newell, John Charles and Annie Parkhouse
Anderson, Psi-division: Deep Burn by Cavan Scott, Paul Davidson, Matt Soffe and Simon Bowland
Pandora Perfect: Night Of The Guffwarbler by Roger Langridge, Brett Parson and Simon Bowland (l)
Department K: Stranded by Rory Mcconville, PJ Holden, Len O’Grady and Jim Campbell

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