ComicScene Indie Comic Book of the Week begins 1st June 2021

To celebrate the launch of the ComicScene Annual 2021 in softcover publisher Tony Foster has announced the ‘ComicScene Indie Comic of the Week’ programme.

Every Tuesday from 1st June ComicScene will announce their ‘Indie Comic of the Week’ via their email newsletter. You can subscribe here.

Tony Foster said today, “Each week we are going to give dedicated support and share an indie comic or book we love and one we think you should have in your collection. Some will be brand new, some from the past. You may already own the comic, and we’d love to hear what you think of it, or we will tell you how to get hold of your copy if you don’t.”

In the mid 80’s – early 90’s Tony published his own Zine, Atomic, and sold other indie titles from his table at comic marts, “It’s just as an exciting time as it was then for indie and small press titles. I’m keen to share what I’ve loved to see through working on ComicScene and the quality of the work that people may have missed. I chose 22 of the comics, creators and their characters that I enjoyed for our ComicScene Annual 2021 in all new stories but there could have been many more! This programme is an extension of that and will hopefully benefit indie creators and comic readers.”

The ComicScene Annual 2021 is available in softcover after a hardcover release prior to Christmas 2020. If you are registered for Get My Comics you can order it at or at the ComicScene online store here.

The first Indie Comic of the Week will be announced 1st June and every Tuesday after that. Sign up for the email newsletter here

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