Start your History of Comics

And we are off!
Join in a mind blowing, record breaking attempt to bring you the ‘History of Comics’ from 1930 to 2029 in 100 perfect bound books.
Comics past, present & future! Every five weeks there will be a new stand alone book that will make up a stunning library of comic history.
Brought to you by the makers of ComicScene and written by comic journalists, fans, bloggers, comic creators and academics this will be an amazing collection for anyone with an interest or love of comics.
Each book helps direct you to comics you must own from the U.K., US and worldwide.
One book features one year in comics – first off is 1984! The comics and culture of the year, memorabilia, comic facts and in-depth articles and interviews about comics and the creators behind them.
If you haven’t yet joined this major project you can get your first book today (or order the first four to binge read). This collection is currently available by post only.
Get it here
or at
or you can get it as part of your monthly membership of the ComicScene Comic Club for only £5 digital or £10 print

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