ComicScene Review of the Year 2020 – June

Summer and the 2000AD Special was out. Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade came out too. As did Hibernia’s Fantastic Adventures, looking at comics that perhaps didn’t quite come out in the way they were intended!

Roy of the Rovers had the best summer special. Splank Annual came out in digital. Alan Grant got amazing comic coverage on the One Show for his Moniaive fundraising comic. Pat Mills SpaceWarp was featured in the i newspaper.

Denny O’Neil died, Simon Fraser did the cover to Zarjaz and it was announced that Michael Keaton would play Batman again in the Flash movie. History in the making. And we launched our History of Comics kickstarter. Smashed the target for the first four books. And you can get them all at Get My Comics or as part of our new comic club. But before all that – vote for your favourite comics of the year here before the 31st December

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