ComicScene Review of 2020 – May

ShortBox raised £17,000 target in 24 hours on kickstarter and went on to raise over £36,000.

ComicScene released the State of Independents 2020 to subscribers. Produced in assocociation with Pipedream if would be our final official issue of the magazine.

Pat Mills revealed the SpaceWarp cover, the first issue of the 77 was issued and Killatoa was available from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior in free digital newspaper strip form as more details about Shift were revealed. One of our favourite anthologies of the year was released in the US shape of Smash! and the second issue of 2000AD Regened hit newsagents.

Lockdown was beginning to ease and Diamond were preparing shops to fightback – when they lost the contract for DC Comics! Diamond UK made sure you still got your weekly dose of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but even superheroes couldn’t save many comic staff being axed from the publisher during 2020. Things were changing for the US comic industry and comic shops, now overtaken by junior graphic fiction in bookshops and the rise of manga. What would the rest of the year bring? And what have your favourite comics been? Vote here

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