ComicScene Review: 2000AD Jump On Prog 2200

I have, on occasion, been underwhelmed by 2000AD ‘jump on progs’. Expectation has been high with a desire to read a Prog that might entice me to buy the next one.

Sadly nothing has convinced me to part with my galactic groats. There are always a nugget or two for which I am more than happy to wait for a collection.

Prog 2200 has been a pleasant change.

Ignoring Part 3 of Sinister Dexter (not good numbering in a jump on Prog for whatever little OCD I may possess!) there is a Dredd with a nice cliffhanger by Rob Williams, Arthur Wyatt and Boo Cook, a neat Future Shock with a desired revenge is sweet twist at the end by Rory McConville and Joel Carpenter and an intriguing episode of Stickleback by Ian Edginton and wonderful art by D’Israeli.

Skip Tracer by James Peaty and Paul Marshall shows promise and of particular interest is Alex Worland and Leigh Gallaghers work on the surprise return of Hook Jaw.

Coloured by Simon Bowland there is, for me, shades of Carlos Ezquerra composition. Yet it was also interesting that with this, and appearances from Shako and the return of Fiends of the Eastern Front next issue that 2000AD (and the Megazine) are beginning to explore reboots of Rebellions back catalogue.

It’s a logical step that the readership of 2000AD are willing to read stories that appeared in the likes of Battle, Action, Tornado, StarLord, Smash, Scream, Misty, Eagle (and possibly TV programmes from Look-In?) etc. This can pull in new readers, appeal to the retro readers and promote the Treasury of British Comics line and specials throughout the year.

Tentative steps seem to be being taken, if Prog 2200 is anything to go by. That would be an attractive way for 2000AD to get me to even, gasp, consider a subscription! Let’s see…

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