ComicScene Review: Misty & Scream 2020 Special

Misty and Scream 2020 Special is out now.

Behind a wonderful cover by Andrea Bulgarelli we have what can only be described as a game of two halves.

There is obviously a very intended attempt to recreate the ‘girl’ comic Misty and ‘boy’ comic Scream in two sections. The Misty section also feels like it’s aimed at a younger audience while the Scream section, while not exactly for a ‘mature’ audience, has more of a horror feel – with Olivia Hicks and John Lucas strip creating a bridge between the two sections.

The Rebellion titles have really punched high above their weight this year, but this is the weakest one of 2020. It’s really not bad, it has several merits, it just falls slightly short of a consistent voice and quality throughout. I have my favourite strips, you will too. Not a disaster by any means, so do buy it.

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