ComicScene to merge with new comic Shift – new comic to be on newsstands

Great News For All Readers! ComicScene Magazine is to merge with new indie anthology ‘Shift’.

After 20 issues publisher Tony Foster is mixing things up, “Our readers loved ComicScene but wanted to see new and indie comics separate from retro articles and for us to publish new comics rather than reprints.”

The last issue in the present format is Issue 13, celebrating 70 years of U.K. comics, Eagle and Dan Dare. It’s on sale in newsagents now.

ComicScenes new and indie coverage will continue in ‘Shift’, the new comic from Comic Toolbox/Get My Comics. The first issue has 108 pages! Further details can be found in the newsstand Issue 13 of ComicScene.

Foster continues “Shift is published by Comic Toolbox/GetMyComics with some great strips, including Simon Furman and Geoff Senior ‘To The Death’ and eight monthly pages from us. We wanted to make sure we could continue to cover new and indie comics that you can also get via the website. The comic will appears in newsagents in the U.K. and internationally or you can get it at a reduced cost as part of our new Comic Club subscription. This is the first major comic title to hit newsstands in many years. It is exciting to see!”

Meantime ComicScene new part work on the History of Comics starts in November (by post only in the first instance) and they will also be releasing the ComicScene Hardback Annual 2021 with over 100 pages of new comic strips.

ComicScene is offering the History of Comics, Shift, their comic specials including the annual and comic offers through a new Comic Club, which you can join from only £10 a month.

Tony continues “I think it’s great we can work together in this way. You get both titles far cheaper than you would in the shops, delivered to your door. Subscribing really helps us, particularly with the current restrictions, and you save £84 a year. You can also pay monthly and spread the cost over the year.”

“Your subscription also helps us maintain the ComicScene Comic Creators Directory and helps us promote commissions, comic reading, workshops and talks about comics to schools, libraries and community groups that help comic creators supplement their income.”

Comic Club membership starts from £10 a month for a membership card and the History of Comics Partwork, £15 for Shift and the History of Comics and £20 a month for History of Comics in a slipcase, Shift, ComicScene Specials (including the annual) and a graphic novel to donate to a library/school of your choice. You also get access to exclusive online materials and updates on new comics available from

Details of the Club can be found here

Details of the Annuals content and how you can pre order it can be found here.

For all the latest updates sign up for our ComicScene Plus email newsletter here.

Interested in the Comic Creator Directory? Take a look here.

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