ComicScene Review: Rok the God

I’ve had a preview copy of Rok the God in digital for some time but there is nothing like holding a physical book in your hand, pouring over the story and art, to give a true opinion of a comic.

Rok of the Reds was a series of six comics and then collected by BHP comics.

This time around this sequel, Rok the God, was funded on Kickstarter. Seeing the quality of writers, artists and the team of letterers and colourists it probably should have attracted more interest. However I do believe (like myself) a majority of people are only just beginning to understand crowdfunding and what it has to offer – so perhaps it was ahead of its time on that score. At the very least the proposed book made its substantial target and was good to go for creators and publishers at Team Rok!

Now full disclosure Writer John Wagner did write an article on how he and Alan Grant created Rok of the Reds for an early ComicScene and Rok has subsequently been serialised in ComicScene (and the book is now available again after a reprint). So I’m certainly a fan of this work.

John is a great teller of stories, a master of dialogue and probably the best we have in matching humour and drama. The revelation has also been discovering Dan Cornwell as an artist. For me it’s Vanyo fluidity meets Steve Parkhouse and his work on Rok is pitch perfect.

The storyline is a mix of on and off world antics. We get to know more about Roks place of birth and family heritage. There is also drama on the pitch too – not dissimilar to the recent Roy of the Rovers storylines, included crooked owners – although dealt with in a far more unique manner. Indeed the book is a fusion of Roy of the Rovers, Eagle’s Doomlord and some Fantastic Voyage thrown in for good measure. Oh, and Kevin Keegan quotes. I kid you not! All quite brilliant.

The end of the story seemed quite abrupt but leaves it open for a third instalment. I hope we will get to see it. Kickstart it now by buying this quality book if you haven’t already. Get it here.

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