Dan Dare is back on newsstands this week

Dan Dare returns to newsstands across the U.K. and Ireland this week as ComicScene 13 finally hits the shelves on Tuesday 29th September.

Behind a Martin Baines Cover there is a celebration of 70 years of the Eagle and the Pilot of the Future. Articles include Dan Dare in 2000AD, comics that led to the recent audio adventures and a pull out ‘Spaceship Away’ supplement with three strips in the style of 1950s Dan Dare.

Publisher Tony Foster said, “It was a dream to get Dan Dare back on newsstands – not only to celebrate 70 years of Eagle but 70 years of great British comics which continues today with 2000AD, Megazine, Commando, Beano, Phoenix, Viz, Rebellion specials, small press comics and one or two new titles coming soon!”

The celebratory issue has been selling very well by post, enhanced digital and in comic shops but had been delayed going into newsagents due to Covid restrictions. You can get it via post and in enhanced digital here or at getmycomics.com/comicscene

This issue is slightly different than those sent to subscribers with some Great News For All Readers inside. More news on that at comicscene.org this week.

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