Access Denied loved by Kickstarter

In the near future, an artificial intelligence named Zeus leaves Earth to build an android city on Mars called Neo Olympus. Twenty years on, and although human-android relations are tense, humans are invited to build an embassy in the new city.

Everything goes according to plan, until forbidden love blossoms between the human ambassador’s son and Zeus’ daughter.

The question is… will love conquer all? 

Brought to you from Milford Green writer Samuel George London and Mikael Hankonen this comic has been loved by kickstarter this week where you can pledge your support here.

It’s a BIG kickstarter weekend for UK comics including our very own History of Comics kickstarter which you can pledge to here.

Comics we think you should also look out for this BIG kickstarter weeekend. There is the launch of the ’77 issue 2 retro anthology, GlassCity from David Cranna, Killing Moon by Neil ‘Bhuna’ Roche and the Prince of Denmark Street from Kev F Sutherland.

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