ComicScene Recommends Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade – get 20% off

Time Bomb Comics invites you to commit highway robbery, with 20% off their new Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade adventure-horror graphic novella!

Publication Details: 56 pages, full colour, perfect bound. £7.99 cover price. Website prices: £4 digital,  £8.99 including delivery. Publication date June 16th 2020.

Dick Turpin has a storied history in adaptation, and Time Bomb Comics have been a long-time part of that. Their version of the character appeared in their second publication back in 2008. Says publisher Steve Tanner; “Writing Dick Turpin again was like reuniting with an old friend, although one that you wouldn’t turn your back on and not completely trust.”

Based in Birmingham, Steve has been a prominent part of the UK independent comics scene for almost 15 years. As well as writing Dick Turpin, Steve runs the everyday business of Time Bomb comics and writes popular series Flintlock, its spinoff The Clockwork Cavalier, and occasionally contributes to Time Bomb’s anthologies Bomb Scares and Brawler.

Joining him for line art on The Vengeful Shade is Roland Bird, who has worked on Legion of Super-Heroes for DC Comics and numerous UK titles including FutureQuake, 100% Biodegradable, and Time Bomb’s own Bomb Scares.

The Vengeful Shade combines Steve’s taste for historical adventure with comedy and a ghost story mystery; there are hidden identities, a haunted house, strange events and the supernatural for Turpin to face off against. While some writers might take the easier path and turn the highwayman into a hero, here he remains true to his actual historical persona: Solidly a villain – always out to save his own skin as the priority, but engaging and sharp witted enough that you find yourself rooting for him anyway.

Bird’s art is another big draw. It’s classic and clean, dynamic in action sequences and unnerving when the script calls for horror. Brett Burbridge’s colours bring a muted, moody atmosphere to the story and the rainy night wherein the adventure takes place. Time Bomb’s lettering mainstay Bolt-01 provides a familiar presence, and the book edited with flintlocks loaded by Paul H Birch.

Impressive as The Vengeful Shade is, it’s no surprise that its Kickstarter funding campaign was highly successful: it was completely funded in one day, raised almost three times the original aim and passed six stretch goals. Despite the unexpected complexities 2020 has brought on everyone Time Bomb has worked hard to bring it to publication and we’re looking forward to making it available in print and digitally.

ComicScene devoured this Dick Turpin comic. We’ve loved the character from an early age – even more so when we discovered we have a real live highwayman ourselves in our family tree! This comic is a joy from start to finish with a unique, gothic interpretation of the character and a taste of the supernatural thrown in for good measure. You will love it!

You can get a taste for highway robbery yourself by grabbing an exclusive 20% discount for The Vengeful Shade through Time Bomb’s online store using Discount Code: FHC67XF9 until 4th July – What a steal!




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