Alan Grant Moniaive comic features on One Show – watch here

Moniaive Fights Back is a comic with a real difference as all the stars and artists are residents of Moniaive in Scotland, aged from four to 88 years old. It portrays just a glimpse of the many amazing people who helped pull the community through these difficult times, as people have done in many Scottish villages and towns up and down the country.

It’s been put together by Alan and Sue Grant, who printed 250 copies to praise funds as part of Revitalise Moniaive. Alan is known, of course, as a comic writer who has written for Judge Dredd, Batman and the Punisher. Another 250 issues of the comic have been recently printed and ComicScene are looking forward to getting our copy (and no doubt covering it in our History of Comics books when we look back at 2020)

Sue Grant confirms you can order copies by emailing her on: or

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