Get a Shift on…

Shift is a new anthology coming soon and ComicScene are very pleased to be sharing some preview artwork in the forthcoming 88 page ‘State of Independents’ Yearbook 2020. Order your copy here or at GetMyComics now – an early digital issue of the Yearbook will be sent before the print issue due out 21st May.

Today Shift were very pleased to introduce the first strip to be appearing in their anthology on their facebook page – Shifter from Brian Haberlin (Sonata, Witchblade), Skip Brittenham, Brian Holguin (Spawn, Aria), Geirrod Van Dyke and Kunrong Yap.

Shifter is a sci-fi murder mystery with a unique perspective, a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the depths of humanity’s evil and the tremendous powers of the animal kingdom. Gorgeous art, supported by a companion augmented reality app – watch characters and creatures literally jump off the page when you point your device at the pages!

About Shifter
What if you could soar with the birds – not in a man-made contraption or by using virtual reality, but as an actual bird? What if you could literally be a fly on the wall in a top-secret meeting? What if you could become any animal in the world or, better yet, anybody in the world? What if you could become any creature that has ever existed (and some you never believed could exist)?

Interested? Keep your eye on their website here.

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