Commando VE Celebration Issues

Commando specials coming your way as Commando commemorates VE day’s 75 th anniversary and 80 years since the German Blitzkrieg! All in brand-new issues 5327-5330 — out soon!
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5327: Home of Heroes: Rats in the Rubble

The first of their VE Day 75 th Anniversary specials ‘Rats in the Rubble’, with story by Andrew Knighton, is an instant classic Commando! Topped off with a fiery Neil Roberts cover which is emblematic of the chaos of the final days of the Second World War and eventual Allied Victory in Europe.
When the Red Army entered Berlin in 1945, what awaited them there were desperate men and
hastily armed teens fighting to protect their city. Snipers, Volkssturm, and Hitler Youth scurried over the rubble of their city as the end of the war loomed over them like a rat exterminator. Sergeant Nikolai Kulikov hated Germans for what they had done to his proud country — and now he was paying them back with interest! But, as he entered a derelict orphanage to remove a threat to the Soviet advance, he would soon question who the real rats in the city were.
| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Klacik & Muller | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5328: Gold Collection: The Man Who Died Twice
The second of their VE 75 th Anniversary specials is ‘The Man Who Died Twice’, a classic tale with a
twist — as was writer Eric Hebden’s speciality!
When your father has pride of place on The Great War memorial in your village, you know it’s going to be hard to measure up, but Hugh Nesbitt was determined to try! However, as the Second World War drew towards its conclusion, he knew he would never live up to his father’s memory. Time and time again Nesbitt proved he was a coward, but could a coward become a war hero — or would there be victory in Europe and an end to the war before he found his courage?
| Story | E Hebden | Art | Ibanez | Cover | Penalva |
Originally Commando No. 797 (1973).

5329: Action and Adventure: Blitzkrieg West
It’s been 80 years since May 1940, when the Germans put an end to the so-called Phoney War —
changing the course of the Second World War for ever. The Allied armies were caught flat-footed,
and crushed under the tyres of the German’s “Thunder and Lightning” tactics known to them as the
To commemorate the 80 th Anniversary of the Battle of France, Ferg Handley writes ‘Blitzkrieg West’ to give readers the chance to experience the panic and disorganisation from the perspective of a World War One veteran, Lance Corporal Bill Lowry. While the Germans thundered triumphantly west across France and towards victory, Lowry is forced to retreat with a bunch of rookies who barely know which end of the gun to aim with.
| Story | Ferg Handley | Art | Khato | Cover | Keith Burns |

5330: Silver Collection: Intruders Beware
‘Intruders Beware’ is a classic supernatural Commando from RA Montague which asks you; what
happens when some RAF bods upset a ghostly monk in Scotland? Fires, jinxed aircraft and pilots with hoodoos — that’s what!
With amazing interior art from fan favourite Jose Maria Jorge doing what he did best — illustrating
beautiful aerial aircraft action — and a few ghouls thrown in for good measure, all is not what it
seems on the airfield, and this is one mystery you’ll have to read to read to believe!

| Story | RA Montague | Art | Jose Maria Jorge | Cover | Ian Kennedy

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