Pre Order the ComicScene State of Independents Yearbook 2020

ComicScene has been supporting small press and indie creators over the last two years, sharing their work on newsstands in the UK and overseas. We have been amazed by the range and quality of what is being created, making this an exciting time for comic books. During the coronavirus crisis we’ve also launched our Comic Creators Directory online at as well as opening an online store for titles and sharing free indie comics too.

Working with Pipedream Comics we are launching a one off ComicScene special ‘The State of Independents Yearbook 2020’. Celebrating the small press and indie creators and comics this magazine is in print/digital and digital and is available to pre order now. The print issue is out 21st May and digital issue is out 1st May. This special will only be available by mail order. Order it here or via

The magazine features reviews of the best in small press and indie comics, articles on Comic Conventions and the comic community, indepth articles on publishers and creators and is a great title if you are involved in the scene, are a fan of indie and small press titles or simply want to know more. Articles include great first issues and writing a second great issues and featured publishers include Europe Comics, Coin Op Books, Madius Comics, Sassafras Press, Labrat Comics, Flying Eye Books, Short Box Comics, Restless Eyeball Press, BHP Comics, Catfood Comics, TKO, Never Ever Press, Wine and Zine, ComixTribe, Tacu Tintu Press, Vault Comics, Hotel Fred Press, Avery Hill, Nobrow, Comixology, Breakdown Press, Witchworld, IDW, Rebellion, Caliber Comics, FBF Productions, Good Comics, Starside, Improper Books, Scout Comics, Frontier Comics, Cabal Comics, Hotel Fred Press, Unbound, Big Punch Studios, Grenade Studios, Futurequake, Humanoids, Alfred A Knopf Books, Time Bomb, Action Lab, Self Made Hero and more.

Everyone ordering this publication will also be sent a free copy of the 320 page ComicScene Annual, an anthology of some great comics, and the magazine will have some new surprises too. Don’t miss it!

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