Coronavirus ComicScene Update

ComicScene Magazine has felt the impact of the coronavirus as much as everyone else. Here is the latest news.

The current issue 12 will remain in shops until May 21st. As many outlets are closed you can get your issue online at Get My Comics or ask at ANY newsagent that is open close to you. They can order it via their wholesaler.

ComicScene Issue 13 was due out 9th April. It will be available by post and digital, now released 14th April 2020 (Exactly 70 Years after Eagle and Dan Dare was released). You can order it via Get My Comics. It is unlikely to be sold overseas in US, Australia and Canada but can be ordered via Get My Comics to those locations. It may appear in shops in the U.K. and Ireland in May or July.

We are making interim arrangements for a ComicScene special, pending a review of the situation and government advice. Keep checking this website for news! Meantime as schools and libraries are also closed we have suspended our Library/School and Pupil Packs but will honour orders made.

We appreciate this is a very difficult time for comic fans, creators, publishers, event organisers and comic shops so we have launched a few initiatives via our website to support you and launched our regular weekly newsletter too. See a sample and sign up here.

Read free comics during isolation here or listen to a Podcast here.

We’ve launched a new ComicScene YouTube channel and welcome your contributions, particularly 1-3 minute news stories and reviews. Contact if you want to participate and see the latest stories here.

For creators who hoped to sell or launch their new comics at ComicCons we’ve opened a new store for you to sell your comics. Contact if you’d like to add your title. This can include pre orders for completed Kickstarters. You can also buy ComicScene here too. Check out what titles are currently available here.

We’ve added a new Comic Creators Directory onto the site. This will be useful for libraries, schools and community groups looking for creators to do workshops and talks. For Comic Cons to contact creators or for writers and artists to connect on projects. It also gives details of artists who do commissions. There are over fifty creators in there already and if you want to add your name details are on the site here

We’ve included sections for Comic Shops, Comic Conventions and Comic Events that can be listed for free. The Comic Shop section already includes a listing of shops that currently offer some service during the lockdown. If you’d like to be added to either section email and the link for Comic shops is here

Finally you may have a valuable comic you wish to sell or a bargain collection to offer. Maybe some artwork or comic prints. Or perhaps a piece of memorabilia or comic merchandise. Stand out from the crowd and sell it via our online flea market. Details here.

Thanks for all your support with ComicScene. if you like want we are doing please buy a copy of the magazine or support us by donating at our new Ko Fi page here. Please help us share the news via your email lists, social media and networks.

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