Free Comics

A number of creators have offered free comics during the Coronavirus. We will add links for you here.

ComicScene Volume 1 Issue 1 here

Anxiety Me by Nicola Bates here.

Bryan Talbot Collection here

Comichaus App – 100’s of digital indie comic for only £3 a month here – get one months free access with our library/school pack in our shop here

Captain Cosmic 1, 2 and Bertie Bear here

Dungeon Fun / Pirate Fun here

ESEF here.

FanScene Batman Special here.

Flintlock 1 here

Great War Dundee here

Judge Dredd Case Files 5 here.

Moose Kids Comics herr

Papercutz titles here

Penned-Guin Big Blue Digital here

Roy Invents VAR here.

Roy of the Rovers books here

Sentinel here

Space Captain Issue 1 and other Chris Baldie comics here.

The Spark Issue 1 here

Free Comics on Comixology here

More links to FREE COMICS on A Place To Hang Your Cape here.

More creative resources and information on DownTheTubes here