70 years of the Eagle and Dan Dare Gallery 2020


We launched our Eagle and Dan Dare Gallery at the start of 2020 on our ComicsFlix site – now we’ve moved everything to our comicscene.org site we will continue it here.  See previous posts up to the 26th January here

It’s #theyearofdare 70 years of Eagle and Dan Dare. To celebrate we are launching this section on our website to share daily DD art, your art, photos with your collection, favourite issues or memorabilia & memories too! Send to comicsceneuk@gmail.com – https://comicsflix.org/2017/10/17/dan-dare-viewing-spectacular/

Since we launched our website we’ve included a features with some great links on Dan Dare and the Eagle, check them out to inspire you for our dedicated 2020 Daily Dan Dare Gallery on the website https://comicsflix.org/2017/10/18/dan-dare-articles-on-the-web/

‪We are not just asking for memories of the original Eagle and Dan Dare but any of his incarnations. Here are our memories of comic reading when the 80’s Eagle was launched by Barrie Tomlinson https://comicsflix.org/2017/11/17/diary-of-a-comic-fan-part-5-matchwinners-to-bloggers/

‪You recently voted Colin Noble as Best Comic Fan in the U.K. and Ireland in the ComicScene Awards. Check out his Perfect Comic featuring Dan Dare artwork by the great Ian Kennedy here https://comicsflix.org/2018/02/06/my-perfect-comic-issue-2-colin-noble/

‪So join us daily during 2020 and 70 years of Dan Dare and the Eagle as we build up a gallery of memories to celebrate the comic that arguably led to Doctor Who, 2000AD and inspired some of the great comic creators.

Day 27

David Broughton shared this image of the Mekon on social media and will have prints available at True Believers Comic Convention this weekend.

Day 28

Richard Sheaf is currently taking a look at the convention art of David Pugh on his blog here. Includes some Dan Dare material.

Day 29

The Eagle Times Blogspot has an article on connections between Doctor Who and the Eagle here.

Day 30

Day 31

Day 32 / 33 Weekend Gallery

David Pugh Dare art from Richard Sheaf blog here.

Day 34

Join the new Dan Dare Audio Adventures crowdfunder, launched today, here.

Day 35

Read Richard Sheaf interview with David Pugh in his blog here.

Day 36

More from the David Pugh interview here.

Day 37

A look at the David Pugh Dan Dare convention artwork Part 2 from Richard Sheaf blog here.

Day 38

A look at David Pugh convention artwork on RIchard Sheaf blog Part 3 here.

Day 38 / 39 Weekend Gallery.

Martin Baines forthcoming coming for the ComicScene 70th Birthday Eagle and Dan Dare special out 9th April.

Day 40

The Whole Twoth out today by Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle.

Day 41

Support the crowdfunder for more audio Dan Dare Adventures https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dan-dare-the-audio-adventures#/

Day 42

Concept art for a Dan Dare animation series as featured in today’s Down The Tubes website.

Day 43

Dan Dare artwork for auction – find out more at DownTheTubes https://downthetubes.net/?p=115022

Day 44

Images from the Dan Dare Audio Adventures

Day 45/46 Weekend Gallery

Day 47

Images from the Dan Dare Audio Adventures

Day 48

GeordieMarv shared this old Dan Dare Computer Game on Twitter

Day 49

2000AD Birthday Progs

Day 50

2000AD Birthday Progs

Day 51

Day 52/53 Weekend Gallery

Day 54

Dan Dare stamps shared on social media this week

Day 55

Day 56

Warrior / Eagle inspired front cover

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