ComicScene Review: Red Sonja 23

The sword-wielding she-devil with the red hair is back! Amy Chu writes another adventurous tale of the Hyborian warrior. This story is titled, Hyborian Rhapsody and it follows Sonja on an initial quest for personal solitude as she goes about her daily routine of riding through Corinthia and suddenly she’s taken on a journey as she’s approached from out of nowhere by a blue skinned goddess named Manisha. The goddess sends Sonja on a quest to retrieve the King’s lost family heirloom, a jewel encrusted axe which is protected within a dark mysterious cave which is occupied by a griffon.
Can Red Sonja retrieve the axe before time runs out? The story flows with adventure, action and gory moments which blend together in this Red Sonja saga. The writing fits together with the beautifully stunning illustrations.

Leah Crowley

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