Stephen Bissette announces Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

Stephen Bisette has announced on his social media the Absolute Swamp Thing collection, featuring work by Alan Moore

On his facebook today he said;

Coming in July 2019:

What I’ve been told by the editor is they’ve labored to correct all errors in all previous reprints; they’ve even recovered original color sep overlays for some pages.

The 15,000+ word text piece I wrote—and ran it past John and Michelle Colonnese Totleben and Rick Veitch at every stage, for corrections/revisions/fact-and-memory-checks, to ensure accuracy, and cleared permissions from interviewer Dana Marie Andra (formerly Mark Burbey) to quote Dana’s 1984 interviews with Alan, John, and myself—has been accepted; barring DC legal scrutiny, it will be published complete in this volume.

John Totleben and I have provided scans of never-before-published artwork (our audition pieces, sketches, etc.) as well.

You can find more about the title here

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