ComicScene Magazine Review: Supergirl Being Super

Being Super perfectly sums up this 2018 release from DC Comics. Being Super is the story of Kara (Supergirl), a coming of age tale of loss, love, adventure and being torn between two worlds. Kara is shaken by an earthquake which tears through her hometown of Midvale. She gradually begins to uncover secrets from her past even though she tried her damnedest to move forwards. Each day passes and her powers are becoming stronger and the reality of her peers are beginning to show their true colours and Kara’s powers become even more stronger as they begin to reveal creepy motives from those whom she thought she knew. Midvale is the only town she’s ever truly known and her adoptive parents have been very supportive along the way. Kara has to use her strengths, both as a superhero and as a human to save her town and to make her super, but will she fall? The book is wonderfully illustrated and the story is well written which pulls you further
through each page.

Leah Crowley 2019

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