ComicScene Magazine Review: Tank Girl Action Alley

Action Alley is a new ongoing series from the original Tank Girl creator, Alan Martin and artist, Brett Parson. The first ongoing series in thirty years!! Titan Comics have been releasing the Tank Girl back issues of graphic collections for a while now and we are so happy to see a new Tank Girl series. The story didn’t take long to get into and to be finally introduced to Tank Girl and her crew. The first issue begins with her relationship with her long term friend, the mutant kangeroo, Booga as they plan a journey in the surprising invention, The Tank Master. Tank Girl begins to panic as she receives a call from her mother and she sounds distraught about something but what can now go wrong for Tank Girl and her gang as they travel back in the Tank Master?
Alan Martin’s dialogue is very well written with action, humour and feeling as it pulls you in while you become part of the journey as you fall into the warmth of Brett Parson’s illustrated scenes. Issue one also comes in variant covers created by Brett Parson and Greg Staples. The Action Alley series will appeal to new readers and avid comic fans.

Leah Crowley 2019

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