Striker hits Kickstarter target with seconds to spare!

They say a football games isn’t finished until the final whistle and Striker comic proved that.

With an ambitious target to reach £45,000 to help fund 12 more weekly issues in the new year it looked like all bets were off and it was back to the dressing room without a win for the new Striker team.

But with seconds to spare, and over 1000 football and comic fans backing the kickstarter, the weekly magazine did it and will remain on the shelves into 2019.

You can currently find the Christmas Issue in most outlets of WHSmith, beside Viz in most stores.

We hope to feature Striker and more about the return of Roy of the Rovers in ComicScene Magazine in early 2019.

For details of the Striker project and what the £45,000 will additionally fund check out their kickstarter page here.

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