Into Infinity and beyond…

ComicsFlix Towers want to give s big shout out for Infinity magazine.

Yup, that’s right, it’s a magazine not published by us – but we don’t live in a silo and we love to support anything and everything that promotes comics and comic creators!

The latest issue is out now and there are some interesting nuggets worth exploring. They take a look at Christmas Annuals, pay homage to Stan Lee, kick off their Story of Comics, look back at the career of Steve Ditko and have fun with the superhero action of letraset. The rest of the 68 page magazine is a nostalgia fest of cult TV and Film.

This magazine compliments ComicScene Magazine wall to wall coverage of classic, new and indie comics and comic culture. In our 72 page pilot issue launched nationwide from 21 December we look at Christmas comics, Christmas Annuals price guide and former Roy of the Rovers editor Barrie Tomlinson gives us the content of his ‘Perfect Christmas Annual’.

Buy the two magazines together and it costs a tenner! I guarantee they are bound to give you as much fun over Christmas as a highlighter and a copy of the Christmas Radio Times.

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