Red Rocket Comet wins Pipedream Comics Indie and Small Press Comic of the Year 2018

After unveiling their 100 top Indie and Small Press titles of 2018 Pipedream Comics ran a vote over the last week for your number one title in their Top Ten.

The votes have now been counted and verified and the big winner is Red Rocket Comet. Written by Matt Garvey with art by Andy W.Clift, Grayham Puttock and Michael Rae you can get the title for £5 here.

Well done to the winners and all the creators who featured in the top 100 this year. You can read about them all at the Pipedream Comics website here.

Red Rocket Comet featured in Issue 3 of ComicScene UK magazine in our new ‘State of Independents’ 8 page section that is put together by the Pipedream Comics team.

If you love your indie and small press comics don’t miss this new section in back issues of ComicScene UK Vol 1 Issues 3 & 4 – still on sale here.

The feature continues in our first newsstand issue Volume 2, Issue 0 with a closer look at some of the top titles of 2018 and an indepth look at what Comichaus have been up to.

Who knows ComicScene may feature next year with our 320 page Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019 – featuring new material and some of the best small press comics from the last forty years. Order your copy here.

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