The Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019 is coming

The Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019 is coming out just in time for Christmas!

A 300 page perfect bound ‘event’ book it features wall to wall comics behind a Valentina Mozzo ‘Captain Scotland’ cover, as the complete saga is collected for the first time with additional new strips.

Simon Furman and Geoff Senior bring you ‘To The Death’ in print form for the very first time in a 40 page epic story. They also provide a second new ‘flip over’ cover.

Current ComicScene UK artists return with Pete Doree in ‘Kids From Rec Road’, Marc Jackson with ‘Cat Stevens’, Jim Wilkins with some extended ‘Deja Who’ and Steve Tanner brings you ‘Lady Flintlock’ which we featured in our first issue of ComicScene UK. The fun and adventure continue with pages from Goof and Splank which also both featured in our Humour Issue.

From the pages of the 90’s stripzine Atomic Nikolai Dante/Doctor Who artist Simon Fraser and writer Paul Duncan bring you the rarely seen ‘Fantastic Life’ with new work from Tom Walbank, John (Accident Man) Erasmus previews his new graphic novel and a new strip, Garry (Roy of the Rovers / Missionary Man) Marshall revisits the fabulous ‘Nick Winter and the Two Dimensional Horror’ and John Miller brings you ‘Android Smasher’, ‘Gaswork Girls’ and ‘The Girl With The Flowery Trousers’.

We are very excited to feature new artists and stories to ComicScene UK in the anthology including the 10 year old Drew Marr, Morfium by Mariusz Zawadski, Paul Bristow and a Christmas horror story by Ruth Keattch.

It’s hoped the anthology will be the first ‘event book’ in which established and new artists and writers can revisit or present new stories as part of a substantial title for comic readers.

The first ‘Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019’ costs £20 (plus P&P) and is available to purchase/pre order up until 21st November to receive early December via the website at

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