What is Visiback?

Visiback bat

As committed comic nerds, we were always frustrated that when a much-lusted-after comic dropped through the letterbox we would have to take it out of the bag to fully inspect the back, and that damaged corners were always a risk due to the cheap cardboard backing boards. Fortunately, these frustrations have been eradicated forever due to our creation of Visiback Crystal Clear Plastic Backing Boards.

Matt Huskinson had noticed that transparent backing boards were only available at exorbitant prices in the UK due to them being produced in the USA. Finally, in 2017, he decided to do something about it. I, Robert Broadhead was brought on board, and together our aim was to launch a top-quality product at an attainable price for the UK market.

After months of research to find a plastic with the perfect clarity and archival qualities, we began selling to the public, supplying the boards in three sizes: Modern, Silver and Golden Ages. We began selling loose boards on the Facebook comic pages and have grown steadily ever since, to the point where we now have a professionally-packaged product. The culmination of our efforts to bring Visiback Boards to as many people as possible means we now sell only to retailers. This was a difficult decision but one
integral to spreading the Visiback word…and bringing down the price!

Our main driving force has always been that you, the collector, should be able to buy Visiback boards at an attainable price, and we feel we have now achieved this. This means you can experience the massive benefits they bring. For instance, the plastic we use is also used by the Library of Congress for archival purposes. Our boards offer far greater protection to the comics, especially when used front and back, and for sheer aesthetics they cannot be beaten as they showcase the full beauty of each comic.

Visiback boards may be a little more expensive than cardboard backers, but we believe that their superior strength, durability and appearance make them worth it, particularly when it comes to protecting your precious comics. We have no problem raving about how good Visiback boards are because, as comic fans ourselves, we genuinely love them and use them for all the books in our personal collections.

A massive thank you must go to the sellers for the support they have shown us: Steve from A Place in Space, Nick from Comicana Direct, Garry from Get My Comics and Aaron from Comic Book Guys. We also look forward to working with all the retailers who wish to get on board in the future.

Thanks to Tony as well for giving us this space to promote the benefits of Visiback boards on this website and in the fantastic new ComicScene UK magazine.

However, the biggest thank you goes to you, the comic collectors who have bought our boards. We appreciate every last one of you and hope you all continue to join us on our Visiback journey.


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