Commando Specials

5171Brand new Commando issues #5171-5174 are coming soon! Commemorate the centenary of the Armistice with Commando, featuring an exclusive CORGI Old Bill Bus competition, and the first issue of the brand new series ‘The Weekes’ War’!  You can read more about the Weekes’ War in ComicScene UK Issue 3 at and below. You can also get a great Commando subscription offer at

5171: Home of Heroes: War Bus

In the First World War, over one thousand London buses were used to ferry soldiers from Blighty to the front line in France. It was a long, dangerous journey, one that would take trainee bus driver Sam Porter far away from the depot in Hackney. Now in the driving seat, in a big, bright red AEC Type “B” Omnibus, the next stop for Sam was the trenches!

 Story | George Low | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet |


 5172: Gold Collection: Stolen Glory

Max Brandt emerged from World War One covered in honours. Justly so, for he had shot down the famous French air ace, Rene Dumont. 

But two men knew he was not the victor of that dogfight. Brandt himself, and the British pilot who had really downed the Frenchman.

| Story | CG Walker | Art | Carmona | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 1592 (March 1982).


5173: Action and Adventure: Danny’s War

By late 1918, Captain Daniel ‘Danny’ Weekes had been in the trenches for longer than he could remember. He could no longer recall all the faces of the men who had served with him or died under his command. He would do anything to put a stop to the fighting.

But with three brothers, a sister and his father fighting their own battles, who knew if Danny’s war was ending… or just beginning?

Issue 1 in the special five-part series: ‘The Weekes’ War’ 

| Story | Iain McLaughlin | Art | Defeo & Morhain | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

51745174: Silver Collection: Front-Line Fear

The pilots and soldiers fighting in and above the trenches, tracing their way across France in the First World War, knew all about fear. They faced it every day and made the best of coping with it. 

That was never easy and if it did become too much, there was always a price to pay. Ask Bill Kane – he didn’t crack up, but somebody said he had and that led to all sorts of danger…

| Story | Robert Smith | Art | Janek Matysiak | Cover | Janek Matysiak |

Originally Commando No. 3698 (February 2004).

The Weekes’ War

100 years ago. One war. Five Stories.

Commando presents ‘The Weekes’ War’, a special five-part series depicting the end of the First World War as you’ve never seen it before!

Never has a Commando series tackled the shared experiences of one family with five different interwoven narratives. In this one of a kind, one-off series, Commando brings together a collaboration of eight different artists and writers, working as one to show you the final days before the Armistice of 11 November 1918 from five different perspectives.

Follow the story of the five Weekes siblings’ survival on the front line, behind enemy lines, aboard a battleship, in the skies above the trenches, and right down in the mud. Five issues about five siblings struggling to survive the conflict. But will they all make it back home?

“We put some of our best creators on this unique project to commemorate 100 years since Armistice.

On the Commando Team, we feel it’s important to honour the men and women involved in the First World War by telling their stories.

The creators and editorial team have crafted an innovative Commando Comics experience. We hope that the readers will enjoy each self-contained story and the series as a whole.” – Gordon Tait, Commando Editor.

The series also features a set of collectable matching covers illustrated by legendary comic artist Ian Kennedy.

Not only is this brand new exciting series coming your way, for the entirety of November Commando is publishing never before reprinted World War One issues to tell a holistic story of the Great War.


5173: Danny’s War

The eldest of the siblings, Captain Danny Weekes is right in the thick of it, down in the trenches. Desperate to find a solution that will end this messy war once and for all, he is sent on a suicide mission behind enemy lines. His cause is just, but his methods are maverick – Danny is going to force the enemy generals to surrender – no matter what the cost.

| Story | Iain McLaughlin | Art | Defeo & Morhain | Cover | Ian Kennedy| On sale 1st November

5175: Michael’s War

The only Weekes the take to the sky, Michael had seen his friends fly away and never return. Then, when his Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 went down over no man’s land, he found himself out of his depth with a gang of German communist rebels.

| Story | Richard Davis | Art | Defeo & Morhain | Cover | Ian Kennedy| On sale 15th November


5177: Billy’s War

Youngest of the Weekes, Billy has a lot on his shoulders. Forever looked upon as the baby of the family, Billy felt he had more to prove than the others in order to truly get his seat at the table. When the German Navy retreated, Billy thought he’d never get his chance. That was until a U-boat ignored the return to port order – and Billy’s Royal Navy Destroyer was tasked with taking them down!

| Story | Heath Ackley | Art | Klacik & Defeo | Cover | Ian Kennedy | On sale 15th November

5179: Harriet’s War

Being the only female Weekes sibling wasn’t going to hold Harriet back! As soon as her brothers signed up – she did too, immediately entering the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry to do her bit on the front lines. She took risks and drove like a bat out of hell to rescue men who needed her. Nothing and nowhere was too dangerous for a Weekes!

| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Khato | Cover | Ian Kennedy | On sale 29th November

5181: Tommy’s War

The last Weekes is missing! The Armistice had been signed and Tommy was nowhere to be seen. But the Weekes weren’t a family who left their people behind – ever! And they were going to find Tommy and bring him home.

| Story | Iain McLaughlin | Art | Defeo & Morhain | Cover | Ian Kennedy | On sale 29th November




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