Bite Me!


Bite Me is the new mystery picture paper. A tribute to the cult girl’s comic Misty.

From the shadows comes this special issue of Bite Me magazine dedicated to the girls – and boys- picture comics of yesteryear. Bite Me magazine has transformed for this special edition, from glossy magazine to classic girl’s paper comic. Just like the old days…

The Comic contains a mix of the old and the new with spine-chilling stories including a Misty special with two original full-length stories. Delve back in time through the archives of Misty withWho Killed Teacher’ and ‘Twin Catastrophes’.

Original picture stories include The Moonlight Girls, Night Light, The Doll Sitter and Clarabelle and the Ghostly Locket. Plus Strangest Vampire Cases Ever: Vampire Fraud and The Vampire With Iron Teeth: A TRUE story…

Available from

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