FanScene 2 is out online

David Hathaway Price second FanScene Volume is available to read for free online here.

The ComicCon Special, featuring over 200 pages of material, celebrates 50 years of ComicCons in the U.K.

ComicsFlix was fortunate enough to provide print copies of the first volume that featured 50 years of Fandom. An extension of that work can be seen on David’s website where you can see work from comic fanzines over the last 50 years.

FanScene 2 also reprints and expands on a feature that originally appeared in ComicScene UK Issue 1 by on Phil Clarke and ComicCon 1968 by Richard Bruton.

As the first volume this online book comes across as another labour of love and the passion for the subject matter comes through on every page. Better still David explains in his editorial he intends to do regular issues of FanScene, so we have much more to look forward to in the future. We can’t wait to see it!

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