ComicScene UK Review: Roy of the Rovers Scouted

The Roy of the Rovers reboot kicks off with Tom Palmers book ‘Scouted’.

Aimed at 8 year olds + (I guess) the book packs a lot of punch in its short and simple to read pages.

It captures the feel of playing and having a passion for football at an early age very well. More than that it sets out the stall of the new Roy Race, his family background, his friends and enemies, where he lives and his work ethic. There are a number of positive messages for all children and adults in this book and how dedicated you have to be to pursue your dreams. Yet Roy still has time for a round of FIFA on his gaming console!

For Roy of the Rovers older fans there are some nice nods to Hardman Johnny Dexter, Kevin ‘Mighty’ Mouse, best mate Blackie and a nice touch with the Tom Tully football stand.

It looks like it’s going to be a hard season for Melchester Rovers but hopefully a legion of new fans will help them pull through!

Get this book – it’s worth a read – and don’t miss the new graphic novel ‘Kick Off’ in November.

ComicsFlix Towers have been following the return of Roy of the Rovers on our website all year – check out our earlier posts. Also ComicScene UK this month has a new article on Roy of the Rovers. Next month former Roy of the Rovers editor Barrie Tomlinson will give his ‘Perfect Annual’ in Issue 5 of ComicScene (we wonder if Roy will feature?) and in our first Issue of 2019 he looks back at Roy of the Rovers in an exclusive article. It’s our Sports Issue and you can pre order it now on our website

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