The Fleetway Files ComicScene UK Review

As much as the Beano and DC Thomson hold a historical affection in my heart and due respect for their evolving approach to comics over the years my own comics of choice when I was younger tended to be from Fleetway.

For that reason I was very drawn to this title from David MacDonald at Hibernia publishing. ‘The Fleetway Files’ is a one off publication that looks at the creative forces behind IPC Comics in the 70s and 80s. It’s a timely magazine as the Treasury of British Comics launches more titles featuring many of the characters touched upon in this book. Indeed the Treasury provide some cleaned up sample work in this publication, which speaks volumes for the quality of David’s previous titles on Doomlord, Eagle and Scream. It’s certainly very well designed and gives our very own ComicScene UK a run for its money.

Of particular note are articles on girls comics, humour comics (including a year by year guide), Roy of the Rovers, Dan Dare, Eagle, Battle and interviews with the likes of Comic Book Hero Barrie Tomlinson. Hey, wait, what – this sounds exactly like ComicScene UK!

It’s written with much affection and also touches on an interesting period when Fleetway started to move into reprints, tie ins and commercial properties. I must say that was when I started to stop reading the titles but it may have been an age thing, seeing as this seems to be the norm for comics for young people now in the U.K.

It is a brilliant book and one I very much enjoyed reading and I’m sure you will too. I am aware the first print sold out but you might be able to get your copy here – but don’t forget to order your ComicScene UK Issue 1 first at

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