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ComicsFlix publishes ComicScene UK magazine – you can order individual issues at

ComicsFlix publishes this website and further details of ComicScene UK magazine at

The magazine doesn’t tend to run news stories or reviews – that can be found on our website  To get the complete picture and news to your email inbox you can ‘follow’ the website (check the right hand side panel).  We welcome news and contributions to the website – email

Other news can be found at our twitter account here.  Love your #rt

We have three facebook pages – the main publishing page is here.

The dedicated ComicScene UK for your banter, thoughts and reviews on comics and the magazine is here

The facebook group ComicScene Comic Mart is the place to sell, buy and swap comics and artwork and sell your new comics, small press titles, announce kickstarters.  We also follow this for news stories on our main site.  You can access this facebook group here.  Love your likes and shares!

Our Instagram account can be accessed here.

We do appreciate people supporting the work we do by buying the ComicScene UK magazine – individual issues are £5.99, 6 issues £35, 12 issues £68 if paid direct to us here..  If you like what you see you can also make individual donations to support the work we do at or contact us about advertising at

Print issues of ComicScene UK, digital issues and subscriptions can be made at our online shop here.

Enhanced digital editions of all our publications can be purchased here.

We hope you enjoy the site, magazine and social media channels that we have developed over the last year and thanks for all your continued support.


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