ComicScene UK Media Watch 27.07.18

img_4181-2Welcome to ComicScene UK new end of the month comic media briefing.  We scour through all the weeks media stories about comics from the UK media so you don’t have to!

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A guide to the Beano from the Independent here

Gloucester will have two Comic Cons this year here

What to expect at Manchester Comic Con this weekend here

ComicCon on the BBC News here 

Beano at 80 in the Express here

What is it with men collecting stuff in the Independent here

Supergirl to feature TV’s first transgender superhero here

Sabrina in the Evening Standard here

Dundee lecturers return to ComicCon here

You never know what it might be worth from the Bolton News here

Who is Captain Marvel in the Guardian here

10 years and no women in the MCU in the Metro here

Millar comic adaptations announced by Netflix on BBC News here

Ian Rankin wants Batman to team up with Rebus in the Scottish Sun here

Deadpool might be retiring from the Metro here.

What does it take to dress a modern day superhero in Vogue here.

De Niro to join new Joker movie in the Telegraph here

News about ComicScene UK from Comic Book News here

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