The Magic Order ComicScene UK Review

I feel we’ve slightly ignored Mark Millar from the pages of ComicScene UK magazine, except for a wee mention of ‘Saviour’ in the ‘Secret History of Toxic’ by John McShane. When we come to cover Magic and Horror in our November issue I’m sure we will make amends with his first title for Netflix ‘The Magic Order’.

A sell out comic released this week with no second printing the title has seemingly flown out the door. But is it any good?

Hard to tell, after just one issue. The story moves on a pace with atmospheric artwork from Oliver Coipel. There is enough back story, current personal history, mystery and fear to make you want to come back for more. Some of the set pieces seem strangely familiar. However there is enough dark humour and slight weirdness with an added film noir look to make you wonder where this could go beyond issue 1. That is certainly the comic books success.

If the intention is to make these comics into a TV series then there is enough there to make this seem quite different from the Four Horseman illusions in the ‘Now You See Me’ movie. And therein lies the magic – but we can’t tell you how it’s done.

We liked it, not a lot, but we liked it (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) – but if you haven’t got a copy I’m afraid you are going to have to conjure one up on eBay or wait for the graphic novel.

Until then make mine, er, Netflix.

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