Apollo ComicScene UK Review

If I hadn’t started ‘ComicScene UK’ I probably wouldn’t have ever heard of Stephen Jewell and he probably would never have suggested about writing an article for the magazine about a new comic book coming out in June called ‘Apollo’ to me. I think that would have made me quite sad as this book, published by Self Made Hero, is a revelation.

I was aware of it, of course. How could I not be. Word of mouth had already interested me in the title before Stephen pitched he idea for Issue 0 of ComicScene UK. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because I was fast approaching 50 and I began to realise that although I was familiar with all the childhood imagery of the first time man walked on the moon I didn’t actually know the story about how it came to be.

This epic cosmic story by Matt Fitch and Chris Baker with cinematic art by Mike Collins is truly wonderful from beginning to end. It’s far more than just a history lesson for school kids about how America went to the moon. This quality book touches on human themes including inspiration, sacrifice, love, fear, vanity, regret and hoping for a better future. It is an American history lesson too and all the better for it.

The comic makes you think, particularly as the American dream currently plays out like a Naked Gun parody on our TV screens. Is this what we really hoped and believed the future would be like when the Apollo crew landed on the moon in 1969? As nations become very insular, and I include sadly the U.K. in that, the words of Kennedy at the end of the book seem more poignant now than ever before. “We choose to go to the Moon….not because they are easy, but because they are hard…because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skill…”

So I say after reading this book perhaps it is time to refresh all our dreams. You never know, we may come up with a real team effort like this book. It’s the right stuff!

You can read more about Apollo in ComicScene UK Issue 0, available from http://www.comicscene.tictail.com

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