Bend it like Bendis

I have to confess having been in the comic wilderness for more years than I care to remember I have no idea about the hype or pedigree surrounding Brian Michael Bendis. Therefore I came to this eagerly awaited title with no wild expectations.

I have to say, after reading issue 1 (on Superman Day) of the weekly Man of Steel, I am pleasantly surprised.

Not only does the comic move apace the dialogue and humour lends itself more to the first two Christoper Reeve movies than the dark interpretation of the character in modern film, which is no bad thing.

It’s also nice to see the red underpants are back, ending the nonsense of taking away the look and feel that made the character endure for many years.

It truly is a return to form for the Kruptonian and for that, Mr Bendis, I salute you!

I cannot wait to read issue 2 to explore more of the new characters, old favourites, deep villains and the answer to a great Superman serial style cliffhanger.

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