Match of the Day mag for Roy of the Rovers

Some early visuals have been released of the new look Roy of the Rovers as it is announced he will appear in a new self contained strip in Match of the Day magazine from early June.

The strip is written by Rob Power and Keith Richardson with art by Lisa Hepke. The character has been designed by Ben Wilsher. The 16 year old Roy will be giving his first interview to Match of the Day magazine at the end of May.

It’s been a busy time for Roy as the character has been unveiled, with the new Melchester Rovers logo and shirt sponsor both announced this week.

ComicScene UK will be following the new exploits of Roy of the Rovers in the new magazine about comics. In the first monthly issue, out 1st August, we will be looking at the artwork of classic Roy of the Rovers artist Yvonne Hutton. Pre order at

On our website former Roy of the Rovers editor Barrie Tomlinson will also be giving us the content of his ‘Perfect Comic’. Maybe Roy of the Rovers might even feature alongside some other footballing comic legends!

Meantime on our Facebook and Twitter you can enter an exclusive Roy of the Rovers competition to win Roy’s 1980 Playing Years – or

Here’s hoping the new Roy of the Rovers has a great first season and becomes top of the champions league (good luck to Liverpool FC too!)

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