My Perfect Comic 5 – Barrie Tomlinson

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Barrie Tomlinson edited many of the successful major U.K. comic titles of the 70’s and 80’s including Tiger, Roy of the Rovers, Eagle and Scream. His career is covered in his books ‘Real Roy of the Rovers Stuff’ and ‘Comic Book Hero’. Here is his selection for fifth ‘My Perfect Comic’. He has mocked up a cover, pictured above, for ‘Dynomine’.

It’s a comic in two parts. The first part is all sport and the second part is all adventure.  What a combination!

48 pages.    Size: A4.

Title: DYNAMINE!  The Best of Sport and Adventure!

Cover Art by Alan Burrows, Joe Colquhoun, Schiaffino, John Gillatt, David Pugh.

Free gift, issue one:  Double sided poster.  Billy, Skid and Johnny Cougar one side, Death Wish and Loner on other side.

Back cover: It’s an ad for my two books!!

Editorial Page

One page featuring the editor’s letter, contents and a cartoon.

Sports Section


Hard Man

ROTR+240977+007One of my stories.   A football story featuring Johnny Dexter, the hard man of football but a big softie at heart.


The episode would have to feature his manager, Viktor Boskovic, who had a habit of taking over the story.  Football and some fun.  Artwork by Doug Maxted, who brought the character to life.  Three pages..


Billys boots
Written by Fred Baker, with art by John Gillatt.   This story of a boy with ‘magic’ boots entertained millions of readers and was always popular.  One of the great comic classics.  Four pages.


Tiger skid

Another classic from Tiger.   Grand Prix thrills as Skid battles for the world championship, ably assisted by his mechanic Sandy McGrath.  Script by Fred Baker, art by John Vernon.  Three pages.


hotshothamish3Another masterpiece from author Fred Baker, with art by the very talented Schiaffino.  Football and laughs as Hamish struggles with his shirt that is too small and fires in shots at goal which frequently break the net!  Four pages.


Roy of the rovers


Script by Tom Tully, artwork by David Sque or Michael White. Roy Race, everybody’s favourite footballer, in all-star action for Melchester Rovers.  This is the classic Roy! Four pages.



The Native American wrestler back in the ring, delivering non-stop action, with a succession of drop-kicks, forearm smashes and cries of “By the spirits!” and “By Manitou!” Original script by Tom Tully, later taken over by me. Art by John Gillatt or Sandy James.   Three pages.

Adventure section:



The centre pages plus two.   There are so many good contributors for this story but I have gone for writer Tom Tully, with art by David Pugh.     The story would have to feature The Mekon, of course!



This classic would have to be included.  Written by Pat Mills, with the brilliant art of Joe Colquhoun.   This story is recognised as one of the very best to appear in children’s comics.   Three pages of highly detailed storyline and artwork.  Three pages.



A series I devised with the help of Richard Burton, to replace the Action Force stories in Battle.  Drawn by Vanyo and featuring a team of good guys battling against the evil forces of Tarantula.  Three pages.



From Scream.  Illustrated by Eric Bradbury and written by Gerry Finley-Day.   This dark storyline shows Dracula in a modern setting in Britain.  Fangs and all.   Not for the nervous!  Three pages.



13TH FLOOR.jpg

Appeared in the first issue of Scream.  Scripted by Alan Grant and John Wagner, with brilliant art by Jose Ortiz.  A computer running a block of flats looks after his residents by any means possible. Anything could happen on the thirteenth floor!  Four pages.



This is a story I wrote myself, always superbly drawn by Vanyo. A story always popular, no matter which title it was in.  It’s been in Speed, Tiger and Eagle.   A story that won’t date.  Three pages.
dEATH WISH 2.jpg


A story from Wildcat.   As the title suggests, Loner likes working alone.  This tough adventurer is investigating other planets, trying to find a new home for the people of Earth.  One I wrote myself, with fantastic art by David Pugh. Four pages


A humour page.  I produced this to go into Eagle, when we were featuring photo-stories.  A story in photos, with no words.

I tried to make it a bit different but it didn’t have a very long run.  I just had to include it here. One page.


Thanks Barrie for your Perfect Comic.  You can read more on websites and blogs including ComicVine, Great News For All Readers, Down The Tubes, Word of the Nerd, Everything Comes Back to 2000AD, Comic Book Realm, Lambiek Comiclopedia and International Superheroes where our images for this feature were taken from.

You can also find out more and previous issues of ‘My Perfect Comic’ at our website and many of the strips mentioned here will no doubt be covered in future issues of ComicsScene UK – you can purchase issue 0 and pre order issue 1 at our online shop here.  You can also pick up the magazine and make a standing order at 30 Comic Shops in the UK including Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Planet International, First Age Comics, OK Comics, Gosh Comics, Gnash Comics and the Cartoon Museum in London.

A number of the strips mentioned here have recently been collected into volumes published by the Treasury of British Comics

You read more about Barrie’s work in his two books ‘Real Roy of the Rovers Stuff’ and ‘Comic Book Hero’.

If you think you have an idea for your ‘My Perfect Comic’ please get in touch at

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