Kevin O’Neill

Just heard the news about Kevin O’Neill. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Kevin, to me, was a genius. He was my favourite 2000AD artist – he defined it. Made it such an endearing and special comic in U.K. history. I’d spend hours pouring over his covers and artwork. No one else came close to his unique style.

He worked with writers but his artwork had a life of its own that no writer could put on paper. His work had its own narrative – both action and the funniest humour fused together. Each frame could be hung in an art gallery and you’d see something new every time you came back to it.

A true, true great no one has come close to emulating his style. We will never see his like again.

He retired from making comics (kind of!) but 69 is still an awfully early age to lose such a talent. If you have a story with his artwork in your house go read it tonight and enjoy every single panel.

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