ComicScene Review: It’s Lonely At The Centre Of The Earth

Coming from a place of darkness, Zoe Thorogood’s book is a powerful and moving work of art about living with depression.

The auto-bio-graphic-novel details six months in the life of the author, their interactions with family, friends and comics culture in a grander sense. Thorogood visualises her depression as a dark, towering monster that follows her throughout the book, infecting her life and her artwork. The creature is just one example of the inner voices that are represented by different styles of comic book art. Classic children’s comic figures share page space with Manga-esq characters, alternative comix roughness, and even mainstream clean cut lines. It’s Lonely.. is a book soaked in historic comics style and influence.

Thorogood wears her love for the medium on her sleeve, demonstrating that it is as much a part of her life as the depression she is documenting. Everything about the book revolves around these two major plot elements; it starts with a contemplation of suicide and then a planned trip to an America Comic Convention. Depression/Comics side by side in the author’s life.

As an example of what comics can do, It’s Lonely.. is a majestic trip through thought process, creation, and self criticism. It also tells a modern, often humorous, narrative that is aware of its own existence. Thorogood represents her life with depression in a fresh and intriguing way; this is not a self help book and does not fill its pages with platitudes. Thorogood states ‘this is how I am’ and the reader is forced to acknowledge it.

Published by Image Comics, It’s Lonely At The Centre Of The Earth is an outstanding journey of self discovery through a superb understanding of comic techniques and heartbreaking storytelling.

Darryll Robson

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