Personal Vendettas in Commando

Personal vendettas abound in this action-packed collection of twists and turns in air, land, and sea!
Issues 5543-5546 are in shops and online from Thursday 26 th May, 2022.

5543: Home of Heroes: A Piece of the Action
Sicily, July 1943, and US Naval Intelligence officer Lieutenant Commander Albert Russo has a major
problem on his hands. Betrayed by their local contacts whilst attempting to aid the Allied advance, Russo
and his men find themselves in the midst of a deadly Mafia feud. Resolve it, and the war continues. Fail,
and it could mean the destruction of the Allied forces!
Dodgy dealings and devastating damage in this pacey action story from brand-new Commando writer
Rossa McPhillips, with dynamic , contemporary interiors by Dan Barnfield and another enigmatic cover
from Mark Harris.
| Story | Rossa McPhillips | Art| Dan Barnfield | Cover | Mark Harris |

5544: Gold Collection: Flame in the Desert
Those sneaky Nazis in the desert are up to their tricks again… this time, misleading some of the most
powerful desert peoples into believing their British allies have betrayed them! A convincing oil tower set
aflame is the pinnacle of the Germans’ proof — but could it just be another deception? Only the brave
Sergeant Ben Holden and his armoured car, Tin Tessie, have the guts to uncover the truth.
A tense desert spectacle in this classic story from Allen, with Alonso’s charismatic interiors and a
trademark Penalva cover.
| Story | Allen | Art | Alonso | Cover | Penalva |
Originally Commando No. 439 (1969)

5545: Action and Adventure: Two Men in A Boat… Again
After unexpectedly landing in Dundee, our heroes Robson and Hancock are at it again! This time their
Jerry float plane is on a secret mission with an enigmatic passenger. Bound for Norway, they can only
hope their disguise holds as they dance with death in enemy territory… but numb feet are no good for
dancing and these numbskulls will need all the dumb luck they can muster.
The charming pair of airmen return in this amusing adventure from former editor Calum Laird. With
exciting interiors by Jaume Forns and another intriguing cover from Carlos Pino.
| Story | Calum Laird | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Carlos Pino |

5546: Silver Collection: The Hard Case
Burt Brown has supported his destitute family every way he knows how, but an unfortunate series of
events sees the wrong man prosecuted for his high-profile robbery. Sent to the front lines under the
command of the man who thinks he is guilty, Sam Riggs must fight for survival if he wants to clear his
name — and only chance will bring him and Bert together in the field of battle!
A story that’ll make you double-take from C G Walker, with expressive interiors by ever-popular Gordon
C Livingstone and a dramatic cover from Philpott.
| Story | CG Walker | Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Philpott |
Originally Commando No. 1806 (1984)

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