A Very British Affair

The Treasury of British Comics have previewed a new book coming in 2023: the forgotten history of Britain’s romance comics is to be revealed in ‘A Very British Affair’ bit.ly/38d6bhj Curated by Eisner-nominated historian David Roach with Olivia Hicks, this will be the first book to chart the rise of this publishing phenomena!

On his social media today David Roach said, “Since Rebellion have now officially announced this I can post the cover here myself. Since the Lockdown back in 2020 I’ve been working on five books simultaneously; The Brian Bolland Apex Edition, two Apex Editions of Mick McMahon’s artwork, my own artbook and this- A Very British Affair. It’s long been a dream of mine to put together a collection of the best romance strips and I’m thrilled to have been given the chance to do it by Rebellion. The book is going to be in the same large format as my Masters of British Comic Art and here are just some of the artists featured in it- deep breath- Badia Camps ( Also our cover artist), Blasco, Ezquerra, Burns, Haylock, Campos, Gonzalez, Hubbard, Gibson, Mas, Tourret, Tacconi, Garcia, Torrents, Maroto, Romero ( Both!), Bellwood, Bielsa, Buzzelli, Miralles, Longaron, Sommer, Redondo, Trini, Penalva ( All 30 pages of the Getaway girls!) and many more. We’ll also be having a limited signed slipcase with new art by me ( I think!) so start saving now. The book will be out in January and if it appears that I’m trying to bankrupt you all, I can only apologise…but you’ll thank me for it later.”

Love the History of Comics – get your collection here

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